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Ludlow is admired globally for its uniformly high quality products. Backed by a strong R & D setup and a spirit of innovativeness, Ludlow has many breakthroughs in product development to its credit.

Ludlow's conventional jute products enjoy a commanding position in the market. Variety-in-acceptance customized products, modernization has helped in product upgradation and diversification. The state-of-the-art design section manned by experts rolls out products in myriad designs to the satisfaction of our customers across the globe. The section also comes handy in giving shape to customised products.

As is to be expected of a pioneer, Ludlow has a good number of jute products to its credit. These include special jute yarn used throughout the world by the carpet industry and other uses are carpet-backing cloth, jute webbing, cotton bagging, soil saver, scrim cloth and special blended fabrics.

Ludlow is the most sought after mills for sourcing special fabrics ( elegant, royal, prince, juco, mat weave, check weave etc ) required by the shopping bags manufacturers and/or meeting the requirements of fashion accessories made of jute and jute blends. Ludlow also makes efforts to maintain stocks of worldwide special products to meet the customers urgent requirements also.

Our new products are finding application all over the world in automobile, road-building, construction, special packaging, carpets and matting, high fashion apparel, decorative items and furnishing material. Thanks to R & D successes, the Ludlow range of products keeps on increasing. Among the new products waiting to be launched are rubber coated jute fabrics for a number of applications, deodorized fabrics and fancy fabrics. Ludlow is rightly considered the most versatile and reliable source of procuring jute and jute blended materials.R & D work is on to make Ludlow fabrics emit a pleasant smell.

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Ludlow Jute & Specialities Ltd
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Kolkata 700 019

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Ludlow Jute Mills Chengail
Howrah 711 308 (W.B.)
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