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In these environmentally conscious times, Ludlow has taken the initiative to produce jute products that help in protecting the environment and provide an alternative to synthetic products. Some of the products manufactured by Ludlow in this effort are:-

Leno net fabric :-

Jute woven into mesh is an environmentally safe way to protect the soil surface from erosion. Leno net fabric is used on soils to help protect the soil from water and wind erosion while offering partial shade and heat storage to accelerate vegetative development allowing uninhibited growth of wood plant species and grass. The material is inexpensive, bio-degradable and maintains strength even when wet.

Jute bags - Eco friendly alternative to plastic bags :-

Jute, the golden fibre has gained immense popularity around the globe because of its biodegradable character. Biodegradibility has given jute an edge over synthetic bags. Its contents are cellulose and lignin, the chief cause behind its biodegradable property. Jute also does not generate toxic gases when burnt as in case of plastic bags.

The plastic bags aren't biodegradable. Disposing it too is a problem as it clogs the landmass and water bodies of our planet. Thus these bags are an environmental menace and cause of serious environmental problem.

Jute bags provide a good alternative to plastic bags. Ludlow manufactures a huge variety and design of jute bags for various purposes from gunny bags and sacks to hand bags and shopping bags.

Geo jute :-

Geo jute is used as a replacement to synthetic fabrics used in construction of roads.

Agro-fabric :-

Agro-fabric is a weather resistant fabric laminated with rubber solution, used in weed control.

Gardening twine :-

Jute twines are used as a support in holding up trees against strong winds.

Hydro carbon free jute products :-

These have been developed (food grade) to meet the worldwide requirement of health and environment conscious customers in the food industry for packing raw materials, semi finished and finished products, especially hazel nuts, coffee, cocoa etc.

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