Eco-Friendly Fibre

The golden fibre that is jute finds universal favour for its inherent properties and also for its eco-friendliness. With changing times, newer uses have been found for this wonder fibre. Its natural texture and strength lends it to a variety of uses, both functional and decorative. Today it has become fashionable to use jute. From sacks to sophistication, jute has caught the imagination of people round the globe. Thanks to technology breakthroughs, jute is now used in making a number of non-traditional products, patronized both in India and abroad. But in jute's stately journey from low value sacks to sophisticated products entailing a high degree of value addition, the eco-friendliness of the natural fibre played an important role.

Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into strong and fine yarns. It belongs to the genus Corchorus family, Malvaceae. Jute apart from being eco-friendly possesses characteristics of a silky lustre with high tensile strength and low extensibility. It also has heat and fire retardant properties.

Found in large quantities in India , jute has the potential to be a substitute for more expensive fibres and scarce forest resources. Today jute is looked upon not only as a major textile fibre but also as a raw material for making products whose use help in protecting the environment.

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